Suitable for all dogs who have completed Obedience 1.

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In the Busy Brains class, we work on keeping your dog’s brain busy and working. The more stimulated your dog is the more behaved they are, in this course we will work on sniffing, playing games, movement and learning tricks with the dogs. This course will also equip owners to do fun activities with their dogs at home.

What and Why?

Dogs have busy brains that needs to be stimulated, both physically and mentally. Busy brains class is focused on stimulating your dog’s brain by teaching new things and working on their natural instincts, like sniffing, moving and following cues. It is great for owners and dogs to further their training skills and build on their relationship.  Its very practical and we want to teach owners how to implementing these things at home.

What to expect in Busy Brains class

This is super fun class that is challenging but rewarding. Your handler skills will improve as you learn how to work with your dog and figure out how to teach them lots of new tricks. This is also the only class hosted by Dirty Paws where you have the option to work with clicker.