Suitable for dogs of all ages.

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Obedience class is hosted on Saturday mornings. Obedience class is open to dogs from 18 weeks all the way to the golden oldies. Although it is a big bonus if your dog has done puppy class, we welcome all dogs.

What and Why?

Obedience class helps to teach our dogs basic behaviours such as sit and stay on command. It helps the owner to learn how to read their dogs and understand how they think, and it help dogs to focus on their owners and learn how to work for a reward. This creates a new sort of bond between owner and dog. Obedience can also help with discipline and minor behavioural issues. In our obedience class we also like to bring in socialization before and after class as it is a big need for all dogs, and vital to a fun experience.

What to expect in Obedience 1 class

In obedience class you will learn the fundamentals of obedience training, these include: Focus, Sit, Down Stay, Puppy Push Ups, Heel and Recall. Attention is given to each handler and dog, to make sure everyone, human and pup alike, makes progress and enjoy the class!