Age: All Ages
Price: Charged per hour
Time: Can be arranged


How is private training different?

Classes are presented at owner’s homes; training sessions are catered to clients and dog’s specific needs, from simple commands such as sit, stay to not pulling on the lead.

These sessions are much more flexible than scheduled classes, in both time and content. We can make arrangements that suit your schedule.

Who is it for?

This is ideal for owners who have a tight schedule and are unable to attend classes over weekends. This is also ideal for dogs that are unable to cope in a class environment for various reasons.

What is it not?

Private training is not a replacement for puppy classes or socialisation. It is always advisable for puppies to attend classes together with other puppies, as it is very important to their development. That being said, in some cases private training together with other socialisation efforts can be very effective.

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