Behaviour modification is for owner and dogs that need professional help with unwanted and problematic behaviours.

These behaviours include: Anxiety, resource guarding, aggression, re-activeness, stress, house soiling , digging, chewing, barking,  pacing and many more.

What and Why?

Behaviour problems are usually defined as n habit or action that a dog presents that is unusual, out routine and out of character.

We love our dogs and want the best for them, sometimes a behaviour can offset and upset the whole family’s routine and dynamic. Behaviour problems can  be quite upsetting to owners and leave one hopeless.

This is when help should be sought.

What to expect in a session

One on one session with Nicolene, in this session a thorough evaluation is done on the dog and the dog and owners relationship. A sit down with the owners is done to discuss the problem and solutions. Nicolene believes in a very hands on approach, so in the session if needed she will start working with the dog and owner and give a written report afterwards.

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